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A follow up to this post.

I asked the person who made the first comment "I have a question. Are you serious when you say you want someone to commit genocide on all those who don't believe in the same thing you do?" to make sure I was I was not being out of line and juding before I knew too much about the subject. I thought I was being nice and not attacking either of them.
The first person to reply was the person who made the second reply in the post I made about this yesterday, the one about being a Bush lover.

Post made a person with the username Ashton.
Nice way to twist words there. No, she's saying genocide should be commited upon all those who want to commit genocide against those of us who don't believe the way THEY do. GOT IT? GOOOOD!

I'm SICK and TIRED to death of people trying to take God away from me--AS IF THEY COULD DO THAT. I'm sick of CHRISTIANS being singled out for persecution...whilst every other religion can get away scott free skating on the wheels of political correctness...so that if a Christian even DARES look at those religious practices with a cocked eyebrow the Christian gets thrown in prison for hate crimes.


The the person who made the orginal comment about a new Hitler replied.

Post by a person with the username Alina.
Exactly Ash. Exactly. The persecution does not come from Christianity, it comes from paganism and all those other pagan religions who believe in nothing, yet refuse to let others believe in the One True God.

It was a much better world in the 1500s when pagans were proclaimed heretics, exiled or executed. And I stand by my judgement.


I, personally, find Alina to be, for lack of a better word, a moron. I hope they never breed and teach their children such narrow-minded views.

Maybe I'm making too much out of it. The Ashton person's reply is laugh worthy, however Alina's I find very offensive.
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