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I was looking around a Passions message board I just joined and I saw the following thread called "These people deserve to die." So I of course looked to see what it was about, figuring it was something about a new attack or something in the war, however it was the following.

An old Catholic priest in Italy has been convicted for saying that Jesus exists.

My God. What is happening with the world? It's in a dire need of a RELIGIOUS Hitler-like person to exterminate all those damn non believers who want to hurt these who do.



With the following reply.

We already have a mass number of Anti Religious Hitlers. Can't see the danger in having ONE anti-anti religion Hitlers.

Oh...but we do have someone like that. His name is God, and he is over all . But yep, this world is going straight to hell, thanks to liberalism and anti traditionalism and hate for Christianity and the belief in God. It's going to hell because of political correctness. Everything. But there's good in all this--it causes Christians to rise and fight for what they belief in, which in turn causes lukewarm Christians to stand up and take notice--and develop stronger faith in God.

This is where all of my love for George Bush and the Republican/conservative party stems from...the fact that they fight against this....because without people in power and the people of countries fighting against this crap, America along with Europe and the rest of the world are going to go straight to hell in a hand basket because of bastards like this.


What the hell are these two people on? The first post upsets me greatly because she is suggesting mass genocide against those who don't believe in her god.

Am I the only one offended by this?
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