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Hello all, hope your all still checking the updates :)

When this project first started, I e-mailed David Leonard, senior publicist for the Canadian branch of Raincoast, to hear his personal oppenion on the project. Now, like any busy man, I figured I'd be getting a alredy written reply sent to all that e-mail him, and I thought I'd have to wait several months. But, I got a reply, and I thought I'd share it :)

Hi there Ally,
> Sorry for the delay in geting back to you. These are busy times.
> I can't speak for the publsihing department here at raincoast (who make
> all of the publishing decisions), but I can give you my personal opinion.
> If you want to look at getting something published, you best bet would be
> to check out our publicuiation guidelines. Everything you need to know
> should be here: http://raincoast.com/publishing/submissions.html
> I might also recommend checking out teh various literary agents around. A
> project this ambitious might benefit from teh sharp eye of a literary
> agent.
> In terms of my personal opinion on your project, though, it sounds pretty
> interesting. Obviously, the varied perspectives and the journal feel wil
> appeal to young woman readers, but will also convey the creativity and
> personal experiences of your contributors. It instantly reminds me of 2 of
> my favourite art/community projects:
> http://www.1000journals.com/index.php?view=Home#
> This is a (now) 6 year project where tehy sent 1000 blank journals out
> into the world to be filled. So far only 1 has come back, but thety have a
> really intersting methodolgy for distributing them.
> the other is an artistic collaboration between 4 artists in New York and
> Belfast
> http://www.lookatbook.com/ a really beautiful project, that also shares
> the community journal idea.
> Obviously, your project is more based in experience, and less in pure art,
> but an interesting project nonetheless.
> Bets of luck with it. It sounds like it will be fun to take part in.
> All best,
> dpl
> david leonard
> senior publicist
> raincoast books
> www.raincoast.com

Pretty spiffy, eh?

Much love,

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