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Its been a while since I've updated our progress. I haven't really had a chance to get around to sending out notebooks and lists and such. To be entirely honest, I've become a bit overwhelmed with what it all entails. Anyhow.

Just so you all know, I have 13 mailing adresses, and Six email addresses. Not what I had expected, but I suppose it'll leave you all more space to write more candidly. So yay for that.

I will be sending out emails with your mailing buddies.

Now for the badish news. Some things have come up in my life that I have to go MIA for a while. I think. I'm moving back to my dads. He has a PC and internet, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to use it, because he's a bit anal about things like that. So, I'll still make updates and what not.

It doesn't really effect the project, I just wanted you all to know.

Hopefully, expect the first set of notebooks to be sent out the second week of Feburary. I'm lacking money, so I can't do it anytime soon.

Yay for real life.
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