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Headaches Are Coming

Does anyone realize how hard it is to get the email addresses of the Editor In Chief of any womens/teen magazine? I've only been able to find Seventeen's Editor, and thats only because of the MTV show. I've tried CosmoGirl!, YM, Teen {which, for some odd reason isn't around anymore., although that particular website may be of some help.} Blah. I'll keep looking for contact information for the editors directly.

Um. It seems as though there aren't any new Additions to the group, which is good, considering there are 25-ish. I know Brittany has made the mailing list post and stuff. I didn't intend for that to be made until later on in the week. BUT since its already been made...

Please comment here with your submission forms.

for Online Submissions --

Subject - Online
Email -- blah blah blah
Name -- blah blah blah
Age -- blah blah blah

For Postal Submissions via Notebook --

Subject -- Postal
Name -- blah blah blah
Address -- Blah blah blah {if out of country, please give specific directions and such, for those who have never mailed outside of the country}
Age -- Blah blah blah
Email -- blah blah blah {I will email you two home addresses. The first will be the person who is sending it to you, the second will be the one you are sending it to}

Once I have all the addresses and email addresses, I will send out emails of the lists, and topics. It may take a week or so, but it will get done. The emails will be from

All comments are screened.

Edit -- If you already submitted your postal or email comment, dont submit it again. I will just go back and take the information from there. So it wont be that much of a pain in the tookas.

Edit Part Deux -- I deleted the other entry, so I don't get confused. I already got your info if you posted it there. No worries :)
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