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A few things have been brought up, and I think that they should be addressed to everyone. This is a group project, so everyone has a say.

1 -- Real book versus online entries. Now, my initial idea was to do a real book(s). It would be a bit more personal, but, with as much interest it has brought, it seems a bit unfeasible. Someone said that we could have an option if you would like to just submit your entries online; ie, you are unable to have mail sent to you. I realize this is a problem with some participants, either because they are living with their parents and they frown on giving out addresses to strangers, especially online.

If everyone agreed that there could be two parts, and online submission and the actually book submissions, when the I make the post of mailing address, I will ask you to put in the subject whether you would do it online or via postal. If you are doing it online, you will just need to provide your email address. If you were doing it via postal, then you would need to include all your contact information. {except phone number}

2 -- This is becoming a very involved project. I -will- be needing some more intense help. If you are interested, please contact me at I will need help with organization, legal stuff, and publishing.

For the organization, I may enlist two people, who will share that email account. They will help me keep the submissions in order, any address changes in order, and help answer questions. These two people will share a lot of the headaches with me of trying to sort through submissions and edit them. If you are interested in this, please be reliable. I understand you have a life, and I understand things come up. If you are going on a hiatus, please let me know so I can ask someone else to help as well.

For the legal stuff, I will need one or two people to do research on getting published, what is required when compiling numerous authors work, how to cover my butt if something should get plagiarized, things of the sort.

For the publishing, I will need one or two to look into publishing houses. I am completely in the dark about this aspect, and so I need a few that know what they are talking about, and have first hand experience. Or at least have someone who has had first hand experience. I don’t know how exactly the location goes hand in hand, but if possible, look for publishers in the Tri-State area. (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The furthest I am willing to go is Maryland. I’m horrible with directions, I don’t want to get too lost.)

I -am- thinking about using online submissions. With that being said, you can email your submissions to the address above, with the Topic and Book in your title, ie, Life Book - Blah Blah Topic Blah Blah. I think they were right when they said that it would be a little more efficient if there was an online way of participating. This would help with mailing expenses and possible confusion.

3 -- Some have mentioned sending numerous books out at once. I don’t particularly care of this idea. The mailing would be all screwy and the mailing list would be a little off. What do I mean? I intended on sending two out, one at the beginning of the mailing list, and one at the end. If I were to throw another one or two in the middle of the list, it may be harder to keep track of where they are. I don’t know. Maybe this is one that should be discussed more.

Oh, and if I only send two books at a time, it’ll be cheaper on me each week. *grin* I did mention that they will be sent out in weekly cycles right?

Someone else have mentioned a mailing plan/schedule of sorts. I was figuring that this would correlate with them being sent out weekly. Does that make any sense?

4 -- Some wanted to let their friends join in, even if they do not have a livejournal and haven’t signed up. Now, I don’t have any problem with that, but it may get a little messy with the legal documentation. I would need to be emailed, notified of their additions and addresses, so that I can have a release sent to them. If they do not sign any papers and what not, there is no chance that I can use their stuff. I don’t want my pants sued off. ♥

5 -- Boys. I asked Adrian purechynese if he would want to be apart of it, because he seemed to be enthusiastic about it. Simply put, I don’t know many boys who will read a woman’s book, let alone read at all. I was thinking of having one or two boys, to have a male input on the subjects we discuss. It would give them an insight of how we see things, and it would also give us insight of how they see things.

I know some of you want this strictly as a female thing, but I can’t really take back my offer and not sound rude. *hides*

6 -- The big thing. I’m sure everyone agreed that the proceeds will be donated to charity. Question is, which charity. I, myself, was leaning toward Woman‘s Abuse. A few have mentioned Breast Cancer. I’m including a few links of charities that could benefit. Both charities hit close to home with me, so I would prefer one of the two, or maybe even both?

End Domestic Violence

Help Poverty (Kind of iffy)

Breast Cancer

Red Cross

Cancer In General

If anyone has any charities in mind, please feel free to comment, make a post, anything. Your input is welcomed!

7 -- Not to be a real stickler, but, I know you all seem really into the idea. I am immensely grateful and excited. I just want to know if everyone who is signing up for the postal list, I need to know that you are reliable. I’m not doubting anyone’s abilities, but it is a big part. If you are going to be late with sending it out, please make a post here, stating this, so that the person you are to send it to knows there will be a delay. I think I would be in a panic if someone mentioned they never got a book, and they were supposed to get it two weeks prior… When it was actually on the way. Make sense?

8 -- Topics. I want everyone to comment on what they want it to be about. There will be six books. Love, Life, Family, Friends, Beauty/Body (diets, what you like about yourself, what you don’t, beauty tips, so forth), and Say Whatever.

There will be three sections for each book. I want you to tell me what you want the sections to be about. So, this is what the comment should look like.

Subject - Topics

- blah blah blah
- blah blah blah
- blah blah blah

- blah blah blah
- blah blah blah
- blah blah blah.

And so forth for each book. You can comment on this post, but please please please, for my sanity, please put your submissions with “Topic” in the subject.

Oh, and put what you would like for the book to be called. :)

I came up with Life Journals, but I want your input too!

Sorry for all the reading. Now that I’m done my mini book, any and all questions, further ideas, and comments are welcome. Keep in mind, ideas for topics are to have Topics in the subject line.

You all are free to post concerns and what not in the community. It’ll catch my attention quicker, rather than the comments.

Happy Sunday!

-- Evette --

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