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Hello all, hope your all still checking the updates :)

When this project first started, I e-mailed David Leonard, senior publicist for the Canadian branch of Raincoast, to hear his personal oppenion on the project. Now, like any busy man, I figured I'd be getting a alredy written reply sent to all that e-mail him, and I thought I'd have to wait several months. But, I got a reply, and I thought I'd share it :)

Hi there Ally,
> Sorry for the delay in geting back to you. These are busy times.
> I can't speak for the publsihing department here at raincoast (who make
> all of the publishing decisions), but I can give you my personal opinion.
> If you want to look at getting something published, you best bet would be
> to check out our publicuiation guidelines. Everything you need to know
> should be here: http://raincoast.com/publishing/submissions.html
> I might also recommend checking out teh various literary agents around. A
> project this ambitious might benefit from teh sharp eye of a literary
> agent.
> In terms of my personal opinion on your project, though, it sounds pretty
> interesting. Obviously, the varied perspectives and the journal feel wil
> appeal to young woman readers, but will also convey the creativity and
> personal experiences of your contributors. It instantly reminds me of 2 of
> my favourite art/community projects:
> http://www.1000journals.com/index.php?view=Home#
> This is a (now) 6 year project where tehy sent 1000 blank journals out
> into the world to be filled. So far only 1 has come back, but thety have a
> really intersting methodolgy for distributing them.
> the other is an artistic collaboration between 4 artists in New York and
> Belfast
> http://www.lookatbook.com/ a really beautiful project, that also shares
> the community journal idea.
> Obviously, your project is more based in experience, and less in pure art,
> but an interesting project nonetheless.
> Bets of luck with it. It sounds like it will be fun to take part in.
> All best,
> dpl
> david leonard
> senior publicist
> raincoast books
> www.raincoast.com

Pretty spiffy, eh?

Much love,

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Haha, he has bad grammar.

I'm glad we got a response though!! Someone should e-mail Oprah or something. She'd love this.

Very spiffy!
Dude, that'd be awesome if Oprah got involved in this. She loves doing stuff for charities, so that'd be two thumbs up for us. She'd probably put some of her own money into it. She's got so damned much of it...o.o

Not that I'm an Oprah expert or anything.
Yeah because she DID buy brand new cars for her entire audience once.

I know. Did you hear about what happened today on her show? It made the news, so I'd be surprised if you didn't, but she got PISSED because the guy who wrote A Million Little Pieces (I think that's the title) lied about some of the things in the book and it's a memoir. Oprah did...something where she had put a lot of money into it somehow so she was NOT happy. She got the publisher on the show and a journalist on the show to talk about it. As my mom said, she was "ripping him a new ass," lol.

and I so wanted to read that book!!
Lol. My sister read it before all this was revealed. I think she liked it. I'm not into non-fictional type books (I read A Child Called It which is a true story and SO SAD but that's about it) so I never planned on reading it.
I know, I read the child called it series. :(
I started to read the second book but never finished it. His mother was stupid. His father was stupid for being a coward. His brothers were dumb and clueless. The end!

Lol, hi. XD

Weird mood.

Not stupid, but inhumane fuckers who deserve to have that all done to them, and worse
His father was a huge coward for not standing up for David. There's no excuse for that.

Yes, they do deserve it. I know he gets put in foster homes and all that but what happened to the parents? Did they get sent to jail or anything?
its been a while since I've read them. I forgot actually
x.x Guess I'll have to read and find out then. ^_^
Oprah = GODDESS!!
Dude, how sad it is that it took me a minute to NOT try to count the typos he made in this email. ("h" before the "e" in "they" and "the," Mr. Leonard. "H" BEFORE the "e."

I get ridiculous when I get tired.

Glad that he sounded enthusiastic, though! I'm excited about this project.
And now I am struck by my own typos. Parentheses, capitalization - eh, screw it.
God, I know.

I can't spell, but even I started saying 'hey, that's not right...'

Good to know that you can still be in the book buiseness and not be able to spell :)

I want to be a book editor, author preferabley. XD
That's pretty snazzy. I'm glad someone who isn't a teen/young female finds this interesting. A middle aged man no less!

I know, that's exactly what I thought!
I'm so excited :DD
Well we know this wasn't a pretyped reply since he can't spell, lol. Sometimes the grammar nazi in me just wants to rip my hair out reading stuff like that.

BUT moving on from that, that's pretty awesome that he showed interest in it, and it's exciting as well.

I agree about the Oprah thing, but I think maybe that shouldn't be done until further on in the process. I'm pretty sure Evette would end up getting on her show though when that does happen, because she likes this kind of thing. I freakin' love Oprah and I used to watch it all the time, lol. I would die if Evette got on there.
Sounds good and positive to me, but I don't care whether it's picked up now or in 20 years. We all know it's the best idea EVER! Alexa x