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More for my own...

This is more for my own reference. I can't sleep right now, because so many ideas are still churning in my head.

- Today (subtitle) What you get
- Tomorrow (subtitle) What you want
- Future (subtitle) What you expect (things that would go under here would be what you expect, not only for you, but for woman kind, and man kind alike)

Love (my own suggestion)
- Finding it (crushes, unrequitte love, and such)
- Having it (first relationships, major relationships, flings and such)
- Losing it (or possibly 'Saying goodbye')

- So and So (subtitle) Aquaintences
- Bosom Buddies (subtitle) Friends
- Sisterhood (subtitle) Best Friends

- Growing up (Childhood memories, stories, experiences. Good or bad. All truth)
- Independant Struggle (Teenage angst. Stories of rebellion, hardships and so forth. All how your family delt and what they mean to you during this time)
- Bustin' Out (Moving out, living on your own. Are you still close with them, astranged, and such)

Sex / Body / Beauty
- In The Mirror (Insecurities, diet stories, body image and the media. So forth)
- Discovery (Discovering your orientation, how you feel about coming out if you are homosexual, things like that. Masturbation stories, first times..)
- Double Standards (Deals with promiscuity, monogomy, pressures females are faced with growing up in a sexual deviant era)

Say What
- Tell All (Self explanitory. Tell us, who you are)
- Quirks (Silly stuff that will amuse readers about you, embarassing stories, secrets, deepest wants)
- Free For All (Say anything that you want. I mean ANYTHING. Good, bad, harsh, view on any topic... Whatever you want)

The LJ Project. Everyone knows what LiveJournal is and what LJ stands for. Almost all the contributors are from lj, and therefore it would be befitting. We would have to contact the makers of LJ to see if we could use "LJ". I don't know if its trademarked and what not. If we are allowed to, possible ideas for the cover would be the LJ logo, a bunch of icons, maybe a few snippests of the LJ website, of course, Frank the llama. Just an idea.

Real Life Lines. We've all been there. These are our experiences. This would serve as a life line to those who are going through them now (well, now meaning when they read it), a guide of sorts. Possible covers could be some random photos from the contributors. To make it more realistic, more personal, more relateable.

I created a blogger, so it would have a post secret feel. Not to copy off of Post Secret, but possible ideas could be scanning photos, letters, and whatever else is sent in via notebook, PO Box (I will be getting a PO Box just for this project, eventually). This is still very much in the air. The blogger may not even be used. This is up for discussion.

So many of you have offered your help. So far, there are four organizers who have access to account. Several of you have offered your assistance with research and such. All is very much appreciated.

Hm. I think I got it all out now. Comments are always welcome. I think I can sleep now.

If anyone has an idea or what not, that you would like to bring to everyone's attention, not just my own, feel free to post directly into the community. I've noticed that the comments in the few posts already made are numerous, and it's a pain on looking through all the comments.

Ok. Good night everyone!
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