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10 Commandments

So far we have 15 people who will be apart of it. I think I'm going to keep the list open for one week. Tell whomever you want, but one week is the limit. Could you imagine? Hundreds of girls wanting to be apart of it? *swoon*


This is how its going to work. Ready?

1 -- I'll make a post for addresses, it will be screened. Only two people will know you address, well, three, including me. The person sending it to you, and the person you are sending it to. How will this work? Well, in the screened post, I will ask you to include your email address. I will send you an email telling you who you getting the book from and who you are to send the book to. Make sense? If there are a lot of people, I will have two books sent at once. One at the beginning of the list, and one at the end of the list. (That would be the reason of why you would get the address of the person sending it to you)

2 -- Since there already seems like a bunch of people want to participate, I will send out individual books. Book 1 will be sent out Week 1. Book 2 will be sent out Week 2. So no one will have two books at once {hopefully}. You are allowed one week with the book you receive. We don't want people waiting months for the books. ♥

3 -- Mailing will be in order by states and/or countries. I’m hoping that the shipping and handling will be somewhat equal for each girl. I am aware that the last girl to have the book in the States will have to pay a little more to send to the girl out of country. If you have a problem with the shipping… Well, we’ll figure that out when the time comes.

4 -- In said books, write about the topic of the book, only. I'm not sure what the books will be specifically, any ideas would be very appreciated. What do YOU guys want to write about? If you are including pictures and such, paste them on a page in the book. Or maybe I'll just include a folder as well. If I use the folder idea, please mark your pictures/drawings or whatever else. Submit your entries however you want. You can do it in poem form, picture form, clippings from magazines, however you want.

5 -- Entries in book should be signed. If you wish to be anonymous, that's fine. I understand some things are too personal, embarrassing, traumatizing... whatever the case may be. Being anonymous can be our friend. You can even use an alias. You can do whatever you want.

6 -- My goals with this is to bring us all closer together. In time, I’m hoping that this could be picked up by a publisher. It would be an amazing testament to our lives during some of the most trying times of our lives. I want it to serve as a guide for future readers to know how situations were dealt with by girls and women from all around the country, and maybe even world. I want to look and see people reading our book and say that its made a difference in their lives. If this does get published, which I love if it was, we would have to discuss where the money would go. I was thinking of donating it to a charity of sorts. Ideas are welcome.

7 -- This is a big project. Many people are participating. I ask that you make a post here, stating what book you got, when you got it, and when it will be sent out. Say you get the “Life” book on March 1 st. When you get it, make a post. When you send it out, make a post and say who you are sending it to, so that person will know that its on the way. Please keep with the time frame. One week per book.


9 -- If I’m missing anything, please feel free to comment and ask. I will answer as best as I can. 20 people in a matter of two hours isn’t bad. Its taken me almost two hours trying to figure out how it all will work. *grin*

10 -- I want this to be a fun experience for everyone involved. This is your chance to be as candid, crass, open, rude, honest, whatever you want. Hopefully, in the end, it will turn out to be a very positive thing!

Edit -- These are the most basic of guidelines. A few things have been addressed. I do hope you all will be patient and bare with me. This has the potential to be a huge process, with a lot of details.

Anyway, good night, and thanks for the support/enthusiasm.

Edit Part Deux -- And guy. :P

-- Evette --
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